Personal Protection

What is personal protection?

These are personal protection services offered to clients by personal protection specialists to dignitaries, VIPs and other prominent individuals who hire personal protection services for their reasons. Personal protection specialists provide close-in bodily protection professionals to prevent harm and hazardous conditions and security threats.


Protection services available


Executive protection

Executive protection services are offered to clients who require protection either one time or long-term protection while they perform their daily duties. Executes with status in society deserve personal protection because harm can be directed to them by ill-motive individuals or due to rivalry that ensured before individuals being protected ascended into their current state. Security threats detected earlier can be prevented from seeing the light, and this calls for highly trained specialists who know when and where to executive their protective duties to their principals.


Estate protection

These are the services offered by protection firms to secure a real estate on behalf of the owners. This protection encompasses the installation of surveillance tools and a virtual guard which scans the whole property to pinpoint the security threats and pinpoint the measures to put in place to deter those threats from happening. A physical protective guard will be at the main entry into the estate to ensure compliance and law enforcement at any time of the day. Other sophisticated security equipment smart card identity for authentication and fingerprint sensors for authenticity while entering into an estate, among others.


Celebrity protection

A celebrity protection bodyguard has the toughest job description in the security industry. They are tasked with ensuring the safety of the celebrity at all times and without being over-reactive to diehard fans and at the same time scan through to pinpoint those who would like to cause pain and harm. It is the hardest thing to find the balance between the two scenarios, a reason why it only takes a trained professional to execute their duties successfully. For personal protection bodyguards to be successful in their endeavour, they should reflect the image of their client in equal measure in terms of attire, composure, form, and personality. The physical appearance of a bodyguard counts, especially in a cut-throat competition where paycheck depends on the limelight presence of a celebrity. They should strike a meaningful balance because a single mistreat of a fan in the presence of a paparazzi can result in a digital disaster that could go viral in a matter of seconds.


Armed security drivers

Armed security drivers are drivers who can transport celebrities, dignitaries, and VIPs from one location to another. They possess licensed firearms to ensure the safety of their principal and at the same time, ride them to their desired destinations.


Risk and vulnerability assessment

To assess security risks and vulnerabilities in an event, it needs specialists who can detect and give a report on the threats before celebrities pop in for the event. Secret security agents come down before the kick-off date and time of the event to ascertain risk factors and what the fans are saying about those who will grace the event. They study the security features placed at the place of entry and give recommendations to the relevant authorities in charge to implement their threat and risk assessment report.


Emergency and humanitarian logistics

In case of emergency, personal protection individuals will improvise ways and means to make sure their clients are safe and secure when emergencies arise.


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