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IT Support Services: A Deep Analysis

Information technology is an integral part of any business these days. Typically, it covers an extensive scope, including telecommunication, website building, and management, internet, as well as devices and technologies that can make operations easier, e.g., computers, smartphones, laptops, and other handheld devices.

You’ll need an IT expert to install some of the systems, and when they fail, you’ll need an expert to put them back up. Here is where IT support services come in handy. There are numerous IT support specialists. You can choose to outsource or employ an in-house team to deal with IT issues whenever they arise.

What are the IT services?

IT services are a means of providing consumers with the right solution when they experience a technology-related problem with their devices. Most companies offer these services for users, as an “add on” without charges, which serves to solve a specific problem.

The world is advancing technologically. Anything to do with computers and the dissemination of information amounts to technology. And, it must be done in the right way, for efficient completion of a task.

The importance of IT support services cannot be overlooked. Typically, IT support services/technical support is providing assistance on information technology-related devices. For instance, most companies use digital video recorders, computers, cellphones, etc. Whenever there is a hitch, IT specialists can efficiently resolve them.

In-house IT support

This implies that you have an internal team of IT specialists. For you to have an efficient team, then you have to look for virtues like the right qualification and experience. They, necessarily, must have a deep understanding of IT services and the knowledge of setup and systems within the company.

An in-house IT support team is invaluable, especially in cases of emergencies like security breaches. If they were based on-site, they would be available immediately to resolve the issue, i.e., quick response.

Building a bespoke internal IT team isn’t an easy thing. Actually, it is a long process that requires a significant amount of capital. Still, you must balance between the current and the future needs of a business, to be able to create a capable team.

It is worth considering that an IT environment is tricky. Even the most experienced IT specialist cannot understand an IT system and setup, considering new releases and updates. So, you can’t rely on a single person to run your entire IT department, as this might result in serious problems. In such cases, you need to hire a freelance IT consultant, which is costly.

Outsourced IT support

Most people take this route as it comes with the advantage of saving money as compared to an in-house team.  With this option, you only pay a fixed rate monthly or per-user fee. Again, when you choose this option, you are guaranteed of IT support services 24 hours x7 days x365 days a year. This gives the confidence to concentrate on other things.

Net Effects IT support services offers business support. What’s impressive is that you have a wider pool of expertise whenever you need it. The staff has a range of qualifications and experience, fitting each section of IT. That means you’ll always find someone to help, regardless of the type of problem you are facing.

As much as outsourcing IT services have advantages, there are some people who argue that it is not the best option. They say a third party cannot be as efficient as an employee of a company. Still, your data privacy may be breached. Nevertheless, if you sign an agreement governing service delivery, then such incidences can reduce.…

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Bankruptcy Help

Overwhelming debt can be extremely hard to deal with, especially when you don’t have many options to fall back on. Luckily, under the Bankruptcy Act of 1966, there are a few options you can decide between. You can make debt agreements, personal insolvency agreements, a declaration of intention to present a debtor’s petition, or you can file for bankruptcy. Before going through with any of these, it is suggested to talk to a financial advisor. All of these options have consequences, it is important to make sure you are not putting yourself in an even worse position by applying for any of these options. If you decide that bankruptcy is the only option, read more for details.

What is bankruptcy?


Under bankruptcy, you are proven and declared to be unable to pay back your debts. This can sometimes allow you to make a new start with debt relief. Once you become bankrupt, either through a debtor’s petition or a creditor’s petition, you are appointed a trustee. Trustees are in charge of managing your case of bankruptcy and can be a registered trustee or an official trustee. If you choose, you can nominate a registered trustee to handle your case.


Unfortunately, while this seems like a perfect option, there are downsides to registering for bankruptcy. Because of this, it is, of course, important to make absolutely sure that this is a necessary decision for you, preferably with the help of a financial expert. Some of these consequences are:

  • Your ability to get credit in the future may be difficult – credit agencies keep your bankruptcy record for 5+ years
  • There is a National Personal Insolvency Index in Australia that your name will permanently be listed on
  • A trustee isn’t just there to give you advice, they will manage your entire bankruptcy. This means a few things:
    • You must provide any information on changing financials, such as bank statements or other documents they may request.
    • You may need to make mandatory payments to your trustee depending on how much money you make
    • You must request permission from them to travel overseas
    • A trustee is able to sell your assets


How to Apply for Bankruptcy in Australia


If you have considered all of your options and have decided that bankruptcy is the ideal way to relieve you of debt, there are a few steps you must take to apply. First, go to the official Australian Financial Security Authority site to download the bankruptcy applications that you will need to fill out. They also have resources on their site for how to send this documentation to them.


Once the AFSA has received your application, they still need to accept it. Luckily, there is no fee to apply to bankruptcy. If found ineligible, you will receive a notice stating so. While there is no maximum or minimum debt amount to qualify, there are two main requirements for getting accepted:

  • You must be in Australia, or have a business or residential property connected to Australia
  • You must be entirely unable to pay your debts on time


If you are found eligible for bankruptcy, they will send both you and your creditor’s confirmation. This will have your AFSA number on it, which will be important to hold onto as it is possible that you will be asked for it by different parties in the future such as your creditor. For assistance on how to handle this situation, learn more about bankruptcy Brisbane by NR Consulting.






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The Advantages of Out Sourced IT Support

If you are thinking about outsourcing IT support, you would see its immediate benefits. Some of the advantages of choosing to do so are as follows:

Helps regulate or lower IT costs

When you choose to outsource IT services you change the fixed costs into variable cost thus being able to bring the budget under control. This means that you only pay for services when you use these services. Instead of having to pay the IT department on a monthly basis you only pay the outsource services when they provide a service.

Reduce the cost of labor

Instead of hiring and then training individuals to manage an in house IT department you simply outsource the work to a company which provides IT solutions. You save up on the cost of training employees and hiring them as well. When you don’t have to worry about an IT department you can choose to focus on the other areas of the business and leave all the technicalities o professionals w handle the work on their own and at the same time provide you with timely reports and maintenance.


Better efficiency and effectiveness

Organizations which manage all the IT services on their own need to send a great deal of expenditure and manpower for the IT department. However, when they choose to outsource the IT management program, they can instead choose to focus on the other areas of business. Plus this means less money is spent training and hiring employees.

It should also be kept in mind that when you hire a qualified IT professional it’s not the same as being experienced. Companies which provide IT support have individuals who have dealt with a number of IT solutions and therefore have a better rage of knowledge and experience. It is this skill and proficiency which enables them to handle all sort of issues without any problems. Whereas employees who simply work in the IT department of the company might find themselves a bit stumped at any new issues which haven’t been dealt with before.


Outsourced IT services can start work on a new project immediately

Since the outsource IT management services are already equipped with the right kind of tools, applications and resources they can handle any sort of new work without an issue. Whereas if the in house team decides to start working on a new project they might need to implement new software and work on designing it from scratch.


It can help reduce the risks which a business would face

It doesn’t take a great deal to change the business dynamics. It is therefore essential to have an IT support which can help businesses manage risk well.  The outsourced IT management has a better idea of all that is involved in a particular business and what are the red flags which should be immediately notified and worked upon.


Provide compliance and security

Every computer has a firewall which is supposed to be up to date. It helps prevent intellectual theft and reduces instances of data being stolen. This is something which a business IT support Melbourne can easily manage. Plus they also provide the relevant security measures.


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Advantages of SEO Services To Small Business Owners

At times you may wonder why people who are running small businesses tend to use SEO more than those who are more established in terms of business ownership. The reason as to why small business owners use SEO services is because they know that SEO plays a significant role in creating fast and user-friendly websites that are easily accessed by their potential customers in all their locations. This article explains there benefits of SEO services to small business owners who want their business to grow and expand with time. The benefits include:


It’s easier to create user-friendly websites.

Since SEO is not only about search engines optimisation but also about improving the user’s experience and skill, small business owners require making websites that are user-friendly so that all their potential customers can easily access on their websites. For this reason, SEO services helps these small business owners can create clean and well-organised websites that contain information about their businesses. Potential customers easily view such organised sites, and they are able to get any detail about the business as stated in the website by the business owners. Most people love viewing website that is user-friendly rather than complicated websites and hence SEO provides these people with that chance.


SEO helps small business owners to get more customers.

Every business has its potential customers that require being motivated. When you compare small business owners who have websites that are SEO optimised to those small business owners who do not have such sites, there is a vast difference. This is because the small businesses with SEO optimised websites grow at a very high rate than those without SEO optimised websites. It is because SEO is an excellent and affordable way of marketing your business and hence small companies that use SEO optimised websites are more marketed, and therefore some very many active customers require products sold by these small business owners using SEO optimised websites.


With SEO, it’s easier to make necessary communications.

Small business owners who use SEO optimised websites get a chance of making any vital communication when it’s required because they have devices like phones, tablets or computers that can access SEO optimised websites. Once they access these websites, they can communicate easily with their customers on any issues when they arise. They also use these websites to send messages or notifications to the viewers about their product and services. It is one way of business people keeping in touch with their customers and visitors, and hence, the business can grow more when its potential customers become frequent and loyal visitors in your business.


SEO helps in creating and building brand awareness.

When small business brands become highly ranked on the SEO optimised websites like Yahoo, or Google, your business will expand more because the customers who research online about places to purchase products will begin trusting you and your brand. Greater web presence helps small business people market their products, thereby improving their brand awareness to customers.


SEO helps to reduce competition.

When so many people are selling the same products in their businesses, there is an excellent competition. However, if one of the businessmen has SEO optimised websites for marketing the small business, it will be easier to bypass the game since customers will come to the businessman that has already communicated with the customers elsewhere while marketing the business.


Turn to the experts in NZ search engine optimisation to maximise your SEO efforts and get the best results.





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Brand Development Strategy for Your Professional Services

Brand Development Strategy is the set of ideas or rules that help define the identity of your brand and help it reach the targeted audience effectively. It also helps identify the brand’s footing and place in the market and differentiate it from competitors. Some ideal Brand Development Strategies that could help your business grow are;

Defining your Brand

It is always advisable to be clear about the vision and mission statement of your brand. This will help you create a frontier within which your brand can function. The brand strategy should be well aligned with your vision or objectives for the brand. Developing a unique identity that defines your business and market values will also help ensure an enabling structure for your strategy. It is also imperative to not have any ambiguity around the kind of services the brand provides. The area of expertise and services should be clear to the client as that sets the tone for defining your brand.

Having a Graphic Identity

One of the most important things for a successful brand to have is a graphic identity. This includes logos, fonts, brochures, taglines and all kinds of visual communications the brand needs to have in order to attract its audience. Much like the vision, the graphic identity should also coordinate with the nature of services the brand provides and should reflect that in the designs. This is the first thing the client comes across so it is important to have designs that would be appealing and eye catching to the targeted audience. You can hire a brand agency melbourne to build your graphic identity.

Identifying your Target Audience

As part of the Brand Development Strategy for any Business, it is necessary to identify the target audience for your professional services. Defining and identifying the correct demographic for your services helps focus your resources, time and investments and as a result, maximize your results. The narrower the focus becomes, the faster the growth will be. Diverse and scattered audiences tend to result in diluted results.

Developing your Marketing Strategy


In the age of technology and Social Media, any brand that wants to grow needs to have a marketing strategy as part of their brand development scheme. This includes advertising on print media and social media platforms as well as having a developed, functioning and user friendly website that clearly lists the details of the services provided by the brand. The graphic identity of the brand should be well in-sync with the Marketing strategy for a cohesive outlook of the area of services provided.…

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4 Things To Consider When Booking A Conference Venue

Are you going to be hosting a conference in the future, because not any old venue will do. You want to take your time when it comes to finding and booking a conference venue. The four main things to consider are as followed:

1. Ease Of Access

Without a doubt, the most important thing to consider when booking a conference venue is ease of access. You don’t want to choose a conference venue that’s in the middle of nowhere. Doing this will only attract a small audience because not many people will want to travel by car to get there.

Choose a venue that is easy to get to via different means of transportation. Attendees should be able to get to the venue via rail, air, vehicle and so forth. The more accessible the venue is, the better the attendance will be.

2. Costs

Another major thing to consider is the cost of the venue. Right from the start of your search, you want to have a budget because this will prevent you from being disappointed. However, if you found a great venue and you are still interested in booking it, then ask them if they would lower the price if you sign a contract that states you’ll host a few more venues throughout the course of the next few years. You might be surprised at how many venues will drop their price if they know they will receive repeat business.

3. Tech Capability

You want to choose a venue for your conference that has the tech capability that you would expect it to have. For instance, you should choose a venue that has charging stations for mobile devices, as well as being equipped with Wi-Fi. A lot of people rely on their mobile devices, even when they are out and about. If the venue doesn’t have Wi-Fi or charging stations, then your guests could be left walking around aimlessly or they will get bored easily and they may even leave earlier than they intended to.

4. Consider Food & Beverages

Whether you’re going to hire a catering company or not, you want to find out if the venue you’re considering has a bar, tables and a beverage dispensing machine. You might even learn that a venue is already equipped with food and beverage equipment and that they have a staff that can take care of all that. Most venues do have food and beverage facilities, and they will staff them, but there is a chance you will have to.

If you’re not sure whether or not a venue has such facilities, then contact them. Ideally, you should choose a venue like The Tradewinds Hotel that has food and beverage facilities. Ask about costs associated with the use of those facilities.

When it comes to booking a venue for your conference, there are many things to consider. However, the above four things are the most important. With that said, all you have to do now is keep the above tips in mind and start your search for the perfect venue for your conference.…

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How to Reduce Absenteeism In Your Workplace

Absenteeism costs businesses billions of dollars each year. This is whether it is due to illness, injury, turnover and health care issues. What can you do to reduce these expenses? You need to work on finding ways to reduce the chances of absenteeism at your business. Here are some tips we go from Cornerstone Consulting to consider doing.

Observe your workplace conditions. Take a survey of your employees. Look to see how motivated your employees seem to be on the job. Ask them how they feel about working for you. Do they seem to be excited about doing their job every day? Are they happy to be part of a supportive team?

Find out how they feel about the workplace. If employees feel shut out, underappreciated or if they do not have enough challenging tasks to work on, they could find excuses to call in sick. They could genuinely fall ill due to stress or other problems on the job. If they are experiencing problems at home, too, these illnesses or problems could be more serious.

In fact, if your workers are under-stimulated or feel overlooked, they may not focus when they are on the job. This could lead to an increase in injuries or worker’s compensation claims. All these add up to greater incidences of absenteeism.

Once you have an idea of how the employees feel, you can set about fixing the problem. If it is a sense of feeling underappreciated, now is the time to start boosting morale. Have a meeting. Let everyone know that they are valued and that you are actively working to improve the workplace environment to reflect this. You might set up a special lounge in your workplace where employees can unwind during the day, enjoy complimentary beverages, play games, or even get free massages or yoga lessons.

These might seem like a strange way to reduce absenteeism, but if employees feel nurtured or otherwise cared for when at work, they may experience less burnout, less boredom and less dissatisfaction. They will have more of a reason to remain on the job and committed to producing for the company.

When a company sets up a wellness program, it is often a great way to stop absenteeism in its tracks. Yoga lessons or massages are excellent incentives to help everyone stay well at work. Do not forget about mental wellness, either. When employees feel they have an open door policy when it comes to discussing problems, they are more likely to feel supported and more likely to want to stay on in their position rather than leave, creating higher turnover and absences.

Implement an absentee tracking system. This will help you notice when unplanned absences occur. Usually, these happen on Mondays and Fridays before or after long holiday weekends. It could be in your firm’s interest to offer these as paid days off. It provides an incentive and a morale booster to your workers, and it keeps unplanned absences to a minimum.

Reducing absenteeism may involve a financial investment. It is an investment that will pay you back in large dividends in both productivity, employee retention, and revenue.…

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Top Tips For Effectively Training Employees

If you need to train your employees, you need to ensure that this is effectively done. Fortunately, there are tips that you can use which will help you train your employees in the right way. Following these tips from Warp Training Australia will ensure that your employees know what they should be doing in the future.

Tell Employees What The Training Session Will Involve

One of the best tips for training employees is to tell them what the training session is going to involve before it starts. You need to explain what is expected of them during the training sessions as this helps them prepare. You will also be able to reduce the anxiety that your employees feel when faced with training sessions.

If you are going to have team building as part of your training, you need to be open about this. Many people will ask if they have to do group hugs or other trust exercises. Telling them exactly what they are going to do will decrease the anxiety of these types of sessions and allow the employee to focus on what they are learning.

Supply Pre-Training Assignments

Another tip is to provide reading material or thought-provoking exercises to people in advance. This gives your employee a chance to understand what the training is about and have some questions which the training will be able to answer. The assignment can also be used as a means of seeing how much your employees already know about what the training is going to cover.

These assignments will save time during the training session where the instructor has to determine how much each person knows. You will also be able to divide your training sessions better and place people with the same level of knowledge together. When you do this, you will ensure that all employees are engaged in the training.

Train Your Managers First

There is no point in training your employees if their supervisors do not understand what they are going to be doing. This is why you need to look at training managers and other supervisors first. You can also look at training the managers at the same time to ensure that they understand what your employees know.

A manager or supervisor who has gone through the same training as those under them will be able to set a better example in the company. They will also be able to tell when there are issues that need to be addressed. If the managers do not understand the training, they will not be able to help your employees when a problem arises.

Make Training A Development Opportunity

A lot of people do not like training in their job because they often see it as a waste of time. This is an attitude that you can easily change by focusing on the fact that training is a development opportunity. If the employee is aware that completing the training will stand them in good stead for career development, they are more likely to take this seriously.…

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3 Latest digital marketing strategies that the companies should follow

Digital marketing has grown over the past decade. You will hardly find a company now without a digital presence. The landscape of digital marketing keeps on changing with the changing algorithm of Google. You need to adapt to these changes in order to stay competitive. Here are the latest digital marketing trends that you should follow.


Almost every company has a website. But having a website that is easy to navigate and has all the right information is the key. Your website must be responsive so that the mobile users can view your website properly. Google now prefers sites that are optimized for the mobile users.

Include answers

In your website, you should include answers to some common questions, such as ‘why is the product different’ or ‘what is the shipping time’, etc. Prospective customers now want to get answers to their questions. So, Google will rank sites higher that can provide answers to different questions that the customers may ask.

Use social media wisely

Social media presence is a must for companies to survive today. But you should be careful about how you use the social media. You shouldn’t continuously bombard your audiences with offers and discounts. The audience shouldn’t think social media as a shopping platform. You must provide engaging content so that the audiences can participate in your conversation. This will increase the customer conversion rate.

You must include these strategies in your marketing plan in order to stay ahead of the competition. The key is to rank your site higher in the search engine and get as many visitors you can to your site. These strategies will help you to achieve your goals.…

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Editia: A digital-first Australian publisher dedicated to longform journalism and non-fiction shorts

Editia is a new digital-first publishing business devoted to longform journalism and non-fiction shorts. Based in Australia, Editia was founded by journalist and digital blogger, Charlotte Harper. In this case study, we find out more about Editia and how it fits within the current digital publishing landscape.

Please tell us a bit about Editia and your plans for the future?

Editia is a new digital first publishing business devoted to longform journalism and non-fiction shorts. The name Editia (pronounced “edeesha”) is derived from the Latin “editio” meaning the “publishing of a book” or “an announcement”.

Titles in our list are between 10,000 and 35,000 words long. They may be extensions of magazine features or newspaper articles; reinterpretations of academic, government or business research; or completely original works. They may contain hard news journalism, quirky and unusual feature-style content, or practical infotainment.

We are already in talks with authors about titles in the fields of the arts, culture, literature, media, travel, technology, politics, business, economics, science, sport, crime, society, life and food, and seek to build our list in these areas.

Our high-speed production schedule gives us flexibility to publish and update newsworthy books in a timely manner. Social media allows us to keep readers in the loop. Editia is based in Canberra, Australia but all of our titles are available globally – and where possible, DRM-free. We plan to publish between six and eight titles a year for now, but have scope to grow with the market.

Is there any reason you chose this moment in time to launch Editia?

I’ve been working towards the launch of Editia since late 2009, researching the market, building appropriate skills, considering the best direction to take, connecting with the right people to help me make it happen, and saving up to cover the costs. Everything fell into place for me during the first half of this year, happily just as the ebook and tablet/ereader market reached critical mass.

You have stated that Editia will focus on “longform journalism and non-fiction shorts”.  Why did you choose these formats to focus on?

It has long frustrated me in journalism, whether as a literary editor, magazine editor, newspaper section editor or sub-editor, that stories have been written to fit set spaces, rather than to appear at their natural length. If I could retrieve all the fine offcuts I’ve had to trim from articles over the years, readers everywhere would feast upon them.

I love the idea of books that are longer than magazine articles but not as long as the usual printed book. The fact that ebooks can be updated on the fly (we made three substantial additions to Crowdfund it!’s text one hour before publication this week and will continue to update it regularly) makes them perfectly suited to journalism and non-fiction. I also believe that social reading, including sharing of highlights and comments on content, will come into its own with these genres.

There are two other important reasons: firstly, most of my career experience is in print and digital journalism and short non-fiction. Secondly, there is plenty of evidence of reader demand for such works.

Is there any reason you chose Crowdfund it! by Anna Maguire as your first title to publish?

Anna was in fact working on a separate, longer title when she approached me with the idea for a shorter work on crowdfunding. I said yes on the spot, because I’d experienced the power of crowdfunding myself late last year when the Emerging Writers Festival ran a Pozible campaign for a digital event in Brisbane. It was a great conference, and the campaign helped build a camaraderie among panellists and attendees that was unlike anything I’d seen before. Crowdfunding is incredibly powerful, on the up and up, and here to stay. Full credit to Anna for seeing the potential for a book in it, and for working tirelessly to ensure her title was first to market in this country.

Please tell us a bit about your marketing and/or social media plan for Editia?

Print and broadcast still have a role to play, but any coverage about Editia and its books that allows a potential reader to click once and then buy the book is our priority. Social media platforms, particularly Facebook, Twitter and book-specific channels like Goodreads, Readmill and The Reading Room, are a critical part of our plan.

Currently you only sell Crowdfund it! via your website in ePub format – though you state that it will be available via major ebookstores from September 2012.  What do you think will be your most important platforms and markets moving forward?

I expect that independent bricks and mortar booksellers with ebookstores will play a huge role for us. Their loyal customers are exactly our target market, and I will be working hard to foster existing relationships and to bring new business to them when I can – starting with our launch at Gleebooks on September 23. Digital-only players like, Booktopia and The Reading Room will be vital partners too. Kobo’s social reading technology makes it a key part of out strategy, and I’m keen to see more of what Copia has to offer on that front. We’ll be working with the US giants too, of course, because many of our customers choose to read on the Kindle, iPad or Android devices.

Who do you see as your competitors, and how does Editia differentiate itself from them?

In Australia, we have no direct competition. None of the major publishers has a fast turnaround longform journalism or short non-fiction program. Black Inc’s Quarterly Essay is print driven, and in terms of content, mostly about politics, which is not a major focus for us. I’m a huge fan of Byliner, The Atavist and Kindle Singles. They are certainly competition. How are we different? We’re Australian! We see the world from a fresh perspective. Also, each book is precious to us. While the production schedule is fast, all our energies are directed on that one book from the first line of copyediting until the publicity campaign is well underway.

Your Corporate Advisory Board is an important part of your business plan.  Please tell us a bit about that board and how it came about?

I have been incredibly fortunate over the past three years to have stumbled upon the most talented, smart, experienced and enthusiastic group of like-minded bookish geeks you could imagine. We met via social media (mainly Twitter), at conferences, during literary festivals, and in bookshops and cafes. These people welcomed me into their world, and provided friendship, advice and the confidence to pursue the Editia plan. If publishing was like mining, perhaps they’d all be business partners. It’s not. Profit margins are small, and every book is a gamble. Appointing a corporate advisory board ensured I could call upon the members of this team for small bursts of mentorship and support without requiring them to take any financial or legal risks.

What are your hopes for Editia over the next 12 months?

Firstly, I’m keen to ensure that everyone around the world who is interested in crowdfunding buys a copy of Crowdfund it!, because they will find it such a useful guide to all the main players, and potential campaigners will be hugely inspired by the case studies and tips. It’s a must-read for anyone who is intrigued by this cultural and technological phenomenon.

I am looking forward to converting early talks with several potential Editia authors into contracts that lead to equally compelling short reads.

Finally, I’m excited about the potential impact of the Editia Prize on Australia’s media practitioners, whether they’re up and coming writers/students wondering which direction to take or experienced print hands looking to become entrepreneurial journalists in the next stage of their careers.…

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